Raymond and Lily - Champion of Tango Salon 2011 in Asia and 2014 in China

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Laila y Leandro Workshop 2011

20 July to 29 August 2011
6-week intensive workshop with 45 group classes and more than 100 hours of private classes.
during this workshop period, we have a

Tango Weekend with 3 milongas and 6 intensive classes
on 29 - 31 July 2011 


Official Registration Form
with Programme and Schedule of Group classes
For registration, please print out the registration form, fill in the informations, and then send us back the completed form to lyl2011@hotmail.com.hk with payment record.

Laila and Leandro are currently main dancers in the world renowned "Tango x 2" company. They are dancers, choreographers and teachers. Since 1997 they went to Japan with "NISSAN TANGO BUENOS AIRES", they have danced in the most prestigious Argentine Tango companies, such as "COPES TANGO COPES" (from Juan Carlos Copes), "TANGUERA" (as main dancer), "TANGO EMOCION" (from Mora Godoy, as main dancer and choreographer), and many othe...rs. In addition, they have represented the Argentina in the Universal Expo AICHI 2005, in Japan (as main dancers and choreographers). Since 1999 and even now, they are working with Miguel Angel Zotto in "TANGO X 2 COMPANY". They have also been main dancers and judge in-chief in "TANGO LIBERTAD FESTIVAL 2008 in Japan. They are one of the creators and artistic directors of "TANGO CON LAS ESTRELLAS FESTIVAL". In an independent and continuous way, they travel around the world teaching and spreading their own technique".
Laila and Leandro are actually one of the best teachers we met from Argentina these years. Astonished by their stylish and elegant presentation in the Tango x 2 show, we found they are very good dedicated teachers, they guide students and have ways to pushed them to realize their best potentials. They dance in Tango x 2 company which aimed to bring Salon Tango on stage.
Classes of Laila y Leandro are energetic, very helpful with a lot of exercises to help you train up your technique solidly. The workshop is tailor made to give you intensive training for a fundamental difference in your dance! Students who has taken their classes before all asked me to bring them back again and this year, so... here they are again in JULY and AUGUST 2011~!!!

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If you have Acrobat PRO, you can fill in the registration form online here.

Registration Guidelines :
1. Levels
- the last number in the class code indicates the level of the class. e.g. T1-1 (Technique class 1 - level 1)
Level 1   -   taken beginner course or 12 hours of tango classes
Level 2   -   at least 1 years tango experience or taken 30 hours
                  of tango classes
Level 3   -   at least 2 years tango experience or taken 60 hours
                  of tango classes
Level 4   -   at least 4 years tango experience or taken 100 hours
                  of tango classes
- We have put the "number of years of experience" or "number of hours of classes takened" as a reference of the level. We suggest this as sometimes the years of experience is not a very relevant assessment of the level, as some of the students although learnt tango for a short while, but have taken a lot of classes and have learnt a lot already, while some of the students although have several years of experience however, have rarely taken any classes and have not learnt most the concepts that they are supposed to know. We are not talking about dancing good or not, just that the teachers are not supposed to be asked for example how to lead a sacada in level 3 classes. We wish to add one more reference so that students knows what to be expected and the levels of classes can be better managed. And we want to encourage those hard-working students who have taken enough classes to challenge themselves to higher levels.
- If you have taken all the classes of Level 2, you can choose some of the Level 3 classes as well. Likewise, for other levels.
- If you are not sure which level you should take, pls talk to us to ask or send us email to enquire.
2. Stage classes
- all the stage classes have to be taken with partner. Please specify your partners' name in registration form. 
- For those who want to participate in the performance in the Farewell milonga, you need to take ALL the 8 classes, plus  1-2 rehearsals to be arranged after the last group classes.
- If you do not intend to participate in the performance, you can still take the class ST-1-2, ST2-2, ST3-3 individually.
- In ST2-2, ST3-3 selection of sequences to be used in the choreography will be taught, you can take it as separate sequences even if you do not intend to do the final performance.
3. Private classes 
- Private classes are already 90% full, with only a few office hour timeslots left, if you are interested to take them, please send email to otrotangohk@gmail.com to request timeslots. Act fast to grab the last few chances!!!
4. Payment method
- Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash and cheque, details can be found in the registration form.

Milonga Informations

Welcome Milonga
22 July (Friday) 9:30pm - 1:30am
at DanzStage, Tin Hau


Grand Milonga
30 July (Saturday) 8:30pm - 2am
at DansinnHeavenly Studio  NEW venue!
with performance by Laila y Leandro at 11:30pm



Asian Milonga
31 July (Sunday) 9pm - 1:30am
at Dance Concept, Sheung Wan
with performance by Asian dancers
Taipei - Eric Chang and Annie Tsai
Singapore - Gennysam and Lily Tan
and more to come ....


Farewell Milonga
28 August (Sunday) 8:30pm - till late
at DanzStage, Tin Hau

Local milonga  
Milonga Sentimental  
29 July (Friday) 10pm till late  
at Dance Culture, CWB



Hotel and Guesthouse Info for Overseas Guests :

Hotel at Wanchai Area :
Mingle Place by the Park -
143 Wanchai Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
名樂居 -
P. +852   2838 1109 
f. +852   2838 2252 


Hotel at CWB Area :
Wang Fat Hostel
No A2, 3/F, Paterson Bldg., 47 Paterson St.
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
p. +852 2895 1015
f. +852 2576 7509
Rent about HK$295-378 up/per nite

Budget hotel in TST area:
Wellyet Hotel / Wide Sky Guest House
f. +852   23673329
Rent about HK$280 - HK$350 up/per nite

Hotel in North Point area:
Ibis North Point Hotel
138 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong 
香港北角渣華道138 號
Rent about HK$600 - HK$700 up/per nite