Raymond and Lily - Champion of Tango Salon 2011 in Asia and 2014 in China

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link to other tango activities

Argentine Tango In Hong Kong
www.tangotang.com - Comprehensive summary of all tango activities in Hong Kong. Join their tuesday practica at Helena May, Garden Road, Central.
Argentine Tango In other countries

http://tangoitalia.com/tango/italia.html - Argentine Tango in Italy

http://www.abaneraz.com/?lang=en - Argentine Tango in Paris, France. Milonga and classes organized and taught by Thierry Le Cocq

Argentine Tango Informations
http://www.tejastango.com/terminology.html  - Argentine Tango Terminology Explanation
http://www.wretch.cc/blog/tangoeros - Lily's Buenos Aires Trip Blog 2008