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Raymond and Lily - Champion of Tango Salon 2011 in Asia and 2014 in China

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Video Clips

Video clips of our tango performances and demonstrations

Performance in Sunderland Milonga, Buenos Aires 2014

 Performance in Shanghai Tango Marathon 2013

 Performance in Singapore Tango Festival 2013




Performance in Outdoor Milonga 2013






Performance in Seoul Tango Festival 2012

Performance in Shanghai Tango Festival 2011

Mundial de Tango 2011. Raymond and Lily was in the first round of the Top 40 finalist.


Mundial de Tango 2011 Semifinal Round 9. Raymond and Lily was ranked 4th in the Semi-final.

Performance in Seoul Tango Festival 2011

Performance in Sydney Salon Tango Festival

Performance by our students in HK Tango Festival

Performances in Seoul Tango Festival, 2010 

Taipei Tango Festival, 2009
World Stage Tango Championship, Busan Trex Game 2008

Video Clip of our latest Performances.

Shanghai Tango Marathon
Singapore Tango Festival
Asian Championship performance as past champions in Japan
HK Dance Alliance Award as guest performers

Beijing Tango Marathon
Seoul Tango Festival
Shanghai Tango Festival

Nagoya Workshop(Japan)
Tokyo Tango Festival
Taipei Tango Festival
Seoul Tango Festival
Shanghai Tango Festival
Hong Kong Tango Festival

Sydney Salon Tango Festival
Seoul Tango Festival
Taipei Corazon Tango Festival
Singapore Tango Workshop, Abrazos Club
Taipei Tango Festival,  Tanguisimo Tango Space
Changing Young Lives Foundation CHARITY EVENT,
8 BEAT at Volar
Asian Milonga, TangoTang 
New Year Eve Milonga, TangoTang 
(video clips on video page)
The University of Hong Kong, 
High Table Dinner Performance, Suen Chi Sun Hall
Mid-Autumn Festival Milonga, TangoTang
Art-in-MTR Performance
Hong Kong Convention Centre,
Argentine National Day
The University of Hong Kong, 
High Table Dinner Performance, Lee Shau Kei Hall
Halloween Milonga at Stanley, 2006
Taipei Tango Festival
Hong Kong Latin America Festival
Demonstation at Workshop organized by HKU *
New Year Eve Milonga at Marina Club
Taipei Tango Festival *
Mid-Summer Night Tango *
*Lily Only

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