Raymond and Lily - Champion of Tango Salon 2011 in Asia and 2014 in China

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Argentine Tango in Hong Kong

Tango in Hong Kong

Argentine Tango was introduced to the people of Hong Kong in 1995. A non-profit organization “Tangotang” was formed in 1999 to promote Argentine Tango in Hong Kong by inviting tango masters from Buenos Aires to give workshops, and organising practicas and milongas. During the past few years, the tango community has continued to grow, and currently there are more than 200 tango dancers in the city. As one of the biggest tango hub in asia, there are 4-6 tango events every week organized by different tango groups. With more and more tango organizers reaching out to teach and promote argentine tango, we hope more people can enjoy the beauty of this dance form.  



Milonga / Practica

Milonga is a dance party. It can be held casually in a bar, or formally in a decent restaurant or hotel, or even just out in a outdoor plaza or riverside. In a milonga, men invite women to dance by their eyes, sometimes with a noding head.  As people can dance argentine tango with any strangers, milonga becomes a very good means of cultural exchange. What can be better than making friends with tango all over the world?

Practica is an informal practice event usually held regularly in dance studios for practicing the technical movements of the dance.